Var det noget, at se Shelock’s Julespecial i biografen?

En fan af Sherlock, har startet en underskrift indsamling til, at få vist Sherlock’s julespecial i biograferne verden rundt.

When the first Doctor Who episode starring the new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) was shown in cinemas worldwide last year, I enjoyed seeing it on the big screen very much.
As I’m a huge BBC Sherlock fan I wondered if we might be in for the same treat with either the upcoming Christmas Special or the first episode of Season 4. I’m wondering if others would also like to see Sherlock hit the big screen and if we maybe should let the BBC know.
Also I think it might be a possibility for many to avoid spoilers if we all see the episode at the same time.
Therefore I decided to start this petition and would be very happy if you could sign!
Kind regards

Hvis det er noget du gerne vil støtte, så kan du skrive under lige her.

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